Order Fulfillment

TLG draws upon years of experience operating in a variety of domestic and international environments to assist our clients in developing efficient, accurate and cost- effective order fulfillment strategies for a variety of hazardous, and other specialized materials. In 2018 alone, TLG fulfilled over $1.5B worth of product across 500 distinct line items. These order fulfillment services are matched to the unique needs of our clients. We combine cutting edge technology with experienced personnel to give you the peace of mind that contracts will be fulfilled timely and efficiently.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management plays a critical role in our many of our client’s businesses. TLG personnel are experienced in implementing cost effective and efficient processes while assisting clients in managing their inventory as they place new orders for products and ship orders to global destinations. Our proprietary 3PL tool, WALIS, automatically updates and syncs product quantities and locations across each of our client’s sales and supplier channels. Updates to our system are immediate, allowing for daily monitoring and reporting resulting in real time “situational awareness” of the supply chain.


TLG utilizes barcodes to turn lengthy manual processes into one-step tasks. Our labels, combined with Bluetooth scanners enable our clients to acknowledge receipts, send out shipments, pull up item details or update item counts with a single scan. In addition to providing real-time location updates, this process allows our clients to accurately manage inventory transfers.


TLG is well versed in conduction product and facility inspections
globally. Our certified inspection experts possess an average of 20 years of experience overseeing testing procedures, quality control, and conducting inspections globally to multiple locations with ease.

Picking and Packing

TLG personnel possess significant experience in streamlining our clients picking and packing processes, enabling clients to ship items more efficiently, to reduce the administrative time with shipments and to increase accuracy in the shipping process. Utilizing our WALIS software, TLG staff scan all items per transaction, enabling real-time locational updates as products are moved between warehouse locations and ultimately delivered to clients or forward locations.


TLG personnel assist our clients in the administration of industry-specific compliance programs, ensuring our clients have controls in place to protect all aspects of their business. Specifically, our personnel are experienced in Registration and compliance, End User Certificates and Export License approvals, International Import Certificates, Re-Export Licenses, Transit Permits and Delivery Verification Certificates.