Consolidation Services

Our staff assures clients’ needs are met utilizing the most cost and space-efficient approach to inventory consolidation. As material is moved from staging to containerization (i.e. 20’ Sea container or Airplane Tin/463L pallet), personnel scan the cargo and record the cargo assignment by Container Number or Pallet Position. Reporting provides details for transportation planners to know, by container/463L, what is available for immediate lift. As material flows into an assembly area/build site, TLG records the receipt through the application of a barcode tracking tool, which links all the attributes of the pallet to the single barcode.

Blocking and Bracing

TLG provides on-site blocking, bracing and skidding for the protection of hazardous equipment for shipment and handling in accordance with U.S. DoD standards. TLG utilizes industry standard materials to construct interior walls, buttresses and end caps to prevent movement of the skidded load or movement of the skid within the carrier.

49 CFR Compliance

Shipping hazardous goods internationally in support of military movements requires compliance with 49 CFR to ensure performance-oriented packaging is utilized in all transport of dangerous goods. TLG staff possess significant experience supporting U.S. DoD clients in the transport of dangerous materials utilizing the packaging specifications required by 49 CFR Part 178.


TLG handles all cargo with and the utmost professional care, but acknowledges and understands the inherent risks of transportation. Together with our global insurance partners, we offer competitive insurance coverage for many types of cargo.

With our Cargo Insurance you will benefit from:

  • All-risk insurance that includes war & strike risk cover (ICC A terms)
  • Up to full invoice value reimbursement (plus freight and up to 10% profit)
  • Specially designed cargo insurance that fits your needs – never pay more than necessary to protect your investment
  • One-stop shopping – we’ll handle all the insurance paperwork for you