Market Research & Requirements Development

Utilizing a global network, TLG can assist you with market research on a system, capability, production capacity or industry trends. For individuals or organizations in early stages of planning, our expertise in logistics contracts and program development can help define requirements to best meet a critical need.

Product Sourcing and Procurement

Our team has been sourcing material for more than 35 years. From providing information on countries of origin or options for supply, to providing a robust network to meet future demand, TLG has delivered. TLG’s network for material sourcing spans from the Indo-Pacific to Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Inspection, Delivery and Customs

In addition, we offer a la carte services to ensure material moves seamlessly from post-production to your inventory seamlessly. TLG employs a host of US nationals and foreign SME’s who possess skills spanning the entire product lifecycle, from manufacturing processes, lot acceptance testing, to final inspection. Beyond that, TLG can block and brace material for shipment and physically ship via the desired transportation mode to the required destination. With experienced import/export personnel, TLG facilitates the necessary paperwork for compliance with host nation, transit nations and destination countries.