TLG’s breadth and depth of experience in full lifecycle Third Party logistics (3PL) operations provides our clients with a one stop shop. We invite you to browse our service offerings, which can be provided a la carte or as a comprehensive package:

Inventory Services

Including Order Fulfillment, Inventory Management, Labeling/Scanning, Inspection, Picking and Packing and Compliance.

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Your shipment’s security is our primary focus. On average, TLG oversees the transport of more than 1,000 containers of hazardous materials per year. Operating within the most stringent security guidelines in the industry, TLG can be trusted to provide secure transport utilizing a layered approach to operational security to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination safely and undisturbed.

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Cargo Preparation

Including Consolidation Services, Blocking and Bracing, 49 CFR Compliance, and Insurance.

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Acquisition Support

Including Market Research & Requirements Development, Product Sourcing and Procurement, and Inspection, Delivery and Customs.

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